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Risk Management

Executing Tasked Driven, Goal-Oriented Risk Management Solutions to Drive Down Insurance Costs and Increase Your Bottom Line

McIntyre Insurance Services is founded on the core principal that risk management, not insurance alone is the best short and long term solution to protect your company's resources and assets.


Utilizing and working through our highly intuitive Risk Audit Process, and other resources, we work with our clients to identify and evaluate the risks their organizations face and implement a plan in which we work with the leadership team and monitor key components and items to be implemented. This plan is designed to eliminate, mitigate, or transfer the risks being faced.

McIntyre Risk Management Services

  • Safety program review

  • Operations review - new hire and firing procedures

  • Experience Modification Rate - 6 month precalculation to project insurance costs

  • Loss analysis and claims review

  • Safety training resources and consultative services

  • Work site safety audits

  • Coordination and oversight of carrier loss control services

  • Safety Meeting attendance and support

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