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Captive Programs

Offering Captive Insurance Solutions to Meet and Fullfill Your Organizations Objectives Through our Unique and Innovative Processes

McIntyre Insurance is on the move, assisting clients in making the transition to a captive program.  Businesses understand the value of the concept "Group Buying Power," and McIntyre Insurance is assisting you in applying this strategy to your Commercial Insurance Needs.  The opportunity at hand is to join forces with other companies of same size, quality, and market space to partner in owning an insurance company. Together, your collective Group Buying Power allows you to purchase Risk Management Services, and Reinsurance while also reducing costs.  McIntyre Insurance represents a few different captive resource groups as well as 831b "micro captives."

Captive Coverages

  • Workers Compensation

  • General Liability

  • Automobile

  • Property

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