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Working on Your Behalf to Advocate for the Most Beneficial Outcome in the Insurance Claims Process

Claims Management

Through our innovatively unique process, McIntyre Insurance serves as an advocate for our customers throughout the claims management process.  All cases unique, McIntyre takes the lead in assisting customers to get claims submitted, settled, and closed. All the while working with the customers to drive the process as necessary, and provide highly desired follow-up status on open and lingering claims.


Our objective throughout the claims management process is to ensure maximized coverage, be proactive in both updates to the insured as well as communication with the adjuster to encourage and push for the most desired outcome for you.

McIntyre Claims Management Services

  • Protection and consideration for our client's interest in the claims management process

  • 24/7 claims emergency service

  • Annual claims review

  • Consultative, claims mitigation suggestions

  • Development and assistance in implementing client specific claim filing protocol "what to do and not do"

  • Filing claims on behalf of our insureds, and driving the process thereafter

  • Providing consultative legal assistance through our strategic partners in the legal industry

  • Assisting in claims negotiation and settlement

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